And the Dragon

Eleven-year-old Anya must hunt a dragon for money to pay her family’s debts, but when the dragon saves her life, she must choose between her family and her conscience.

Eleven-year-old Jewish farmer ANYA KOZLOVA wants her papa back. He was conscripted months ago and has been fighting in Tartary, leaving Anya, her fragile mama, and her disabled grandparents to take care of the family farm without him. And now, the village magistrate is going to evict them if they don’t pay him the enormous sum of 250 rubles in 30 days.

But a local legend provides Anya the opportunity to pay off the magistrate. Distant heroes begin arriving in Anya’s village, following a prophecy that speaks of the world’s last dragon in the nearby rivers. Anya doesn’t believe in the dragon, but is happy to act as a guide for these heroes, for the price of ten rubles a day. When the cruel dragon slayer SIGURD tries to drown her, she’s saved by an unexpected hero: the dragon, HÅKON.

Anya’s life changes in a snap. No longer able to help the heroes, Anya must figure out how to both help Håkon avoid being caught, as well as get enough money to stall eviction. With the help of some rusalki, a metal sorcerer, and a mysterious woman in the woods, Anya and Håkon might stand a chance. But as the dragon hunters close in, Anya may have to compromise her beliefs in order to save her friend.


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