#PitchWars ’17: Episode Five

The day the Pitch Wars agent round went live, I was like


But I tried to just be cool.


When I wound up getting 23 total agent requests, I was like


I still kind of can’t believe it? And a few of my dream agents requested? And I haven’t stopped being tachycardic for like a week?


Yesterday afternoon, we could send our requested materials to official Pitch Wars agents. I just started a new job, so I was in orientation until late, and then I had to fight traffic for an hour. I JUST WANTED TO GET HOME AAAUUUGHHHH!!!


Got home. Put the kids to bed. Started querying. Very first email sent, I spelled the agent’s email address wrong and I got a not-deliverable error back.


Every time I attached the MS, I opened the doc to check and make sure it was actually my MS and not an older version, one of the partials I had ready, or my Tadashi Hamada fanfic.


Every query I sent, I checked and rechecked and again checked the agent’s name and any personalization I put in. I’ve seen those “dumbest queries ever” tweets and blog posts. I don’t want to be that guy.


I didn’t follow agents until after I queried them, and when I did, I discovered I had used the wrong pronoun and salutation for one of them.




I promptly apologized but damage done. LFMF and make sure you read any prospective agent’s site or Twitter profile before you slam your foot into your mouth.

So all of my requested materials have been sent, and now the waiting begins. I might die. If no one hears from me, send paramedics to my house!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 19.51.11


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