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About Me


My name is Sofiya! I used to sit in a dark room and type out stories and hiss at people who got too close, but then I discovered an amazing writing community on the Interwebs. I’d like to expand that community out and maybe set aside my bridge troll tendencies and play nice with other writers.

I am a Grown-Ass Woman (TM) with a job and children, but I still read mostly MG books and watch cartoons and laugh at farts. I am bilingual and I dislike loud noises.

Fun Facts


I am a critical care nurse in a neuro-trauma ICU. If you break your brain apart, you will eventually wake up to me up in your face yelling at you to squeeze my fingers or you can’t have any ice chips.

I work at night, and I wear a yellow isolation gown to keep warm. Some coworkers have given me the nickname “Sunshine Dracula,” which I love.


I went into a patient’s room to draw blood and he asked why I took so many tubes and I said, “Most are for the lab, but this one is a snack for me later” and he thought I was serious.

I blog about books I read at opinionatedturnip.wordpress.com.

Goats are the best animals.


My IRL writers group are my best friends and I’ll cut anyone who hurts them.



ANYA KOZLOVA AND THE DRAGON: a MG historical fantasy about friendship, family loyalty, and staying true to your own beliefs in the face of adversity, set in 10th Century Kievan Rus’ (magical Russia).


PETE’S DRAGON in Medieval Russia–After a lonely dragon saves her life, 12-year-old Jewish farmer Anya must go up against bloodthirsty Viking and vengeful Tsar to save him.

Why Pick Me?

I believe any critique can be constructive with the right attitude.


I’m amazing at character names.


I’m great at taking critiques and turning them into functional rewrites.


I work with neurosurgeons, who are kind of notorious for being crazy and mean, so it’s hard to hurt my feelings.


I’m also amazing at gifs and, really, what else is there?


Thanks for stopping by!!

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