Hello Readers!

Hi there!

My name is Sofiya Pasternack, and I’m a writer!

My completed current project is a Middle Grade fantasy based on Russian folklore and fairy tales, called Anya Kozlova and the Dragon. I’ve put it in my sock drawer for now, and am passively querying it while I work on the sequel, Anya Kozlova and the Curse of the Bog Hag.

A side project I have is what I like to call Geriatric Adult fantasy, Mabel Ellison Saves the World, which is a take on the Chosen One trope. My Chosen One is an 80-year-old lady named Mabel who goes through a portal in her assisted living facility into a magical Scandinavia where she is the oldest (and therefore most powerful) lady around. One of the facility’s CNAs, named Kevin, follows her into this other dimension with pockets full of her pills to make sure she stays alive long enough to stop the apocalypse.

Please look around! Please leave comments! I love talking about grammar, plotting ideas, world building, and so on. I also love reading other stories, which I review on my other blog, opinionatedturnip.wordpress.com.

I’m super happy you’re here, and I hope you are too!




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