Hello Readers!

Hi there!

My name is Sofiya Pasternack, and I’m a writer!

My completed current project is a Middle Grade fantasy based on Russian folklore and fairy tales, called Anya Kozlova and the Dragon. In it, 10th Century Jewish farm girl Anya must subvert a bloodthirsty Viking and the Tsar of Kiev in order to save the world’s last dragon. It won second place in the Ink and Insights contest, and I entered it in the #PitchWars contest in 2017, got a mentor (the awesome Alexandra Ott), got an agent (the incomparable Rena Rossner), and am tidying it up for bigger things!

I’m currently struggling with working on the sequel, Anya Kozlova and the Curse of the Bog Hag. Anya’s adventures continue, this time taking on the nightmare-inducing Kikimora, AKA the Bog Hag, and something even more terrifying: possibly losing her father to the war in Tartary.

Please look around! Please leave comments! I love talking about grammar, plotting ideas, world building, and so on. I also love reading other stories, which I review on my other blog, opinionatedturnip.wordpress.com.

I’m super happy you’re here, and I hope you are too!

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